The Intellectually Disabled

The heart of Communio lies in caring for the intellectually disabled. All our board members have hands-on experience working with individuals who have intellectual disabilities, and several have children and siblings with intellectual disabilities.

Larry Krell, president of Communio, has two apopted children who have intellectual disabilities. Thomas, who is 18 and has Down syndrome, lives with Larry, his brother Michael and two roommates in Omaha. Larry’s other son, Donny, lives in a group home in Omaha and regularly comes to the house to help with the garden and yard work. Other individuals with intellectual disabilities (from Donny’s group home and a local homeless shelter) come to the house also to perform gardening upkeep.

Our goal for Communio in Anthon is that there will be one home which would house 3-4 special needs individuals along with two “home assistants” who would be the primary care givers. Each of these homes would be close to 3-4 homes that would consist of single individuals, married couples (empty nesters) and/or families which may or may not be taking care of persons with disabilities. The persons in these surrounding homes would act as figurative grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to the special needs individuals in the L’Arche type home. We hope that these are in the vein of the L’Arche type communities, but more permanent and supportive in nature. The common bond of the individuals and families involved would be the love and care for the mentally and physically disabled, which we believe, directly increases love and respect toward all the people living in the town or city.

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