At the present time, we are raising many different types of fruits, vegetables and ornamental grasses on a 1 acre plot. We also have chickens, mostly for eggs. Some of us have been doing this for many years. It is all sustainable horticulture. In the future we intend to do the same thing but on a much larger scale on a 160-acre farm that is in a trust for just this purpose. We also have other profitable companies currently operating that will help support the community.

The community will be situated so that all necessary facilities will be within walking/biking distance. The hope is that this community would also be self-sufficient through industries, the products being sold locally and via the internet. We have several businesses that could very well support a community like this in the future. Because of both choice and necessity, the individuals of this community would agree to live a relatively simple lifestyle, while at the same time using the latest information and technology for industry and general day-to-day living.

Listed below are other ways in which we plan to be sustainable when we have moved to Anthon, IA.


We are looking into supplying heat and electricity, using wood for energy. Fire logs require much labor, and with the proper safety measures in place, we believe that residents in the L’Arche type homes, especially the men, will be a great help. It will furnish them with meaningful, rewarding, physical work when the fruit and vegetables do not need a lot of their attention. We believe that wholesome, physical labor is needed by many in our society today. We have been assured of the cooperation from a person who has access to unlimited, as to our needs, amounts of fire wood.

New construction and rehabilitation is energy efficient. We have had extensive experience with this type of construction. We also have development experience in large urban areas, small towns and rural areas.


In Anthon, everyday necessities are within walking distance of the homes, such as work sites, shopping, education, recreation, churches, and community center.

Public transportation will be a community undertaking. It would operate like a taxi service. The vehicle would be owned by the co-op. The elderly would have company and personal, loving attention.

Different types of vehicles will be available for renting when needed. They will be owned by the co-op.

Shared Property & Services

The washer and dryer, community room, recreation room, etc. would be open to all community members free of charge (We have done this before).

Grass mowing would be done by the co-op where fences, flowers, etc. are not in the way of a large tractor mower. The same for snow removal.

Rent-all tools of all types, will be available through the co-op.

When the appropriate time comes we will consider starting a credit union. We have been involved with this before in St. Louis.

Health Insurance

There is an excellent document on the internet at NCCB concerning health care costs. Plus, good food, exercise and healthy living go a long way to lowering health care needs. Four of the top ten insurance company’s payouts can be greatly reduced with proper exercise and a good diet. Both are an intrinsic part of our physical plans for all members of the community.

Small Businesses

We would like to promote, recruit and support small businesses that operate primarily online. We have two small business operating at the present and time and several others that we are confident will help support the community in the future.

We have 22 acres that will soon become available for the production of cattle, sheep and chickens next September. It is currently in CRP. We plan to raise organic beef, mutton and eggs. We also plan on raising many laying hens.

There are two beehives on the farm at the present time. We hope to see that number grow.


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